Rights group seeks e-union protection for Facebook users

Internet Without Borders, the Rights Group suggests tht an e-union should protect Facebook users. The social site lately dished out its market debut plans. The Rights Group believes that Facebook’s $100 billion flotation is owing to its abuse of the right to control personal information. "Is this valuation linked to the business's software and infrastructure or to the data that Facebook gathers and exploits with or without its 900 million users' consent?, " the group's head, Archippe Yepmou, asked journalists in Paris.  The social site has been valued at $104 billion and the Rights Group believes that this sum has been based on the social site’s ability to collect private data.

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Internet Without Borders has been working at promoting and defending freedom of speech on the Internet, and believes that the problem of confidentiality is more than that Facebook users can handle individually. It wants to balance out Facbeook’s power by asking an e-union to protect Facebook users. "The idea is for a union that can impose a balance of power with Mr Zuckerberg's business, to make him understand that people have the right to see" their own personal data," said Internet Without Borders' Antonin Moulart.

The Rights Group has been working with a group of lawyers to call upon an e-union, which will gather proof in case any Facebook user’s data has been abused. "Our address books are scanned in their entirety by Facebook, through our mobile phones or webmail, and default biometric identification allows Facebook to recognize logos and faces on photos without the contributor having given their explicit authorisation."


Facebook has been known for its inability at addressing security issues and also for its lack of transparency. There have several instances of Facebook security issues cropping up across the world. The social site has also been caught in a legal limbo in India against carrying some defamatory and objectionable content used by its users. It has also been targeted for making money by exposing user data to advertisers.

Published Date: May 19, 2012 12:13 pm | Updated Date: May 19, 2012 12:13 pm