Ribbon's in-stream app payment service back on Twitter

Social payment service Ribbon is back on Twitter, just a day after the micro-blogging website pulled support for it on Twitter Cards. Twitter had mysteriously taken off support for Ribbon hours after its launch.

Ribbon’s co-founder Hany Rashwan wrote in a blog that the service was being supported by Twitter again after “a productive conversation” with the micro-blogging site regarding Product Cards. It must be noted, though, that the product cards are still not what Ribbon had originally launched, but the two companies seem to have found a middle path somewhere. Ribbon is being supported on Product Cards, but you still can’t make purchases on Twitter.

It still isn’t clear why Twitter suddenly pulled the plug on Ribbon’s in-stream app payment, and Rashwan’s newer blog post does not shed any light on it either. Clearly, Twitter believes that Ribbon was in violation of some Terms of Services, but we’re not sure which.


Back on Twitter


On the other hand, Rashwan mentioned that Ribbon’s in-stream app purchases feature on Facebook is active and seems to be doing well. The company now also has support for putting its links on YouTube. Twitter seems like the only sore spot for Ribbon, but Rashwan looks optimistic about this platform too.

Rashwan issued a statement to The Next Web about the matter saying, “We have been given access to Twitter’s Product Cards. Our vision to bring in-stream payments to every platform, including Twitter, is still the target we’re aiming for, especially given the overwhelming positive support from users. We’re in extensive contact with Twitter and will work on making a solution that makes sense to both Ribbon & Twitter.”

Earlier this month, an excited Twitter threw open the gates for integrating new Cards with the service. Twitter Cards is essentially embedded information that pops up within a tweet. When you click on a tweet of this sort, it opens up a drawer that contains such content. Tweets with additional information currently have an extra icon with information about the kind of content that is in the tweet. For instance, if you're trying to view an image, Twitter would earlier send you to another website, but it now opens a tweet so you can view the image.

These new Cards allow for new capabilities such as mobile app linking, photo galleries as well as product information. With the App Card, you can see more information about an app, such as name, icon, description, rating and price.

Instead of just a single image, users will now be able to embed an album or collection of photographs via a preview of the photo gallery. It will indicate to a viewer that an entire gallery has been shared.
Using the Product Cards, developers will now be able to pull additional information from websites for products. Besides the image and description of the product, Twitter will allow for two customisable fields that can display more information like price or ratings.

Published Date: Apr 12, 2013 12:32 pm | Updated Date: Apr 12, 2013 12:32 pm