Resident Evil Revelations Details Emerge

If you’re one of the few proud owners of a 3DS, you’ll know that everyone’s favorite horror series, Resident Evil is heading to Nintendo’s handheld platform sometime in 2012. At the ongoing Comic Con held in San Diego, America, Capcom unleashed a torrent of information regarding Resident Evil Revelations that were kind enough to summarize.

Tell me you brought extra batteries

Tell me you brought extra batteries



  • Players will face a range of enviornmental hazards throughout their play experience.
  • Characters can swim underwater with full 360 degree control.
  • Water can be brightened with a special light beam, making navigation easier.
  • Water areas will give use to special under water weapons. Harpoon those whale Zombies!
  • Weapons in the water means that there will be underwater enemies
  • One teased boss for water stages is a giant squid like creature.
  • Two of the game's main characters will have to deal with cold/freezing conditions
  • As speculated, the masked man seen at the end of the E3 2011 trailer is going to play a large role
  • Popular enemies from the series will return, including Zombies.

Of course, if a handled version of Resident Evil doesn’t catch your fancy, there’s always Resident Evil Raccoon City to look forward to.

Published Date: Jul 26, 2011 09:25 am | Updated Date: Jul 26, 2011 09:25 am