Researcher points out iOS security flaw

If Apple’s iPhone 4 had faced antennaegate issues, the most recent iPhone 4S faced battery issues, shortly after its launch. If that wasn’t all, Apple devices are now caught up in a security browl. Even in the past, there have been questions raised over Apple's security on several occasions. Now, Charlie Miller, a device security expert revealed a software flaw in Apple’s iPhones, as well as in iPads, which could allow hackers to craft apps, which stealthily allow stealing data, sending text message and even destroying information.

security flaw

Security flaw


"Until now you could just download everything from the App Store and not worry about it being malicious. Now you have no idea what an app might do," Miller said. This isn’t the first time that Miller has reported a flaw in Apple products. He had reported the mobile Safari issue in 2007 and also the texting bug in 2009. However, this time around, Apple decided to keep him out of the developers program, he disclosed through Twitter.


According to Reuters, Miller went ahead to test the device with a ‘prototype malicious program’ and found out that the App Store failed to identify this program and let it pass the security process. He created a stock-market monitoring tool dubbed InstaStock. It was programmed to connect to his server and enabled him to then download any program from the Store.

Though no such hacking evidence is found yet, there could be a possibility of an intruding malware in future. So, what do Apple fans have to say about this?

Published Date: Nov 08, 2011 10:36 am | Updated Date: Nov 08, 2011 10:36 am