Reproductive rights activist receives apology from Facebook

Rebecca Gomperts, the founder of the organization, Women on Waves, a Netherlands-based, abortion rights group had put up a post on Facebook, containing detailed, written instructions about safe abortion in women using misoprostol - crucial drug to treat post-partum depression, confirms an official post on the organization's website. Rebecca Gomperts had put the post below as her profile picture, and Facebook removed this very picture.


The post that Facebook removed

The post that Facebook removed



Interestingly, soon after the image was removed, Gomperts put it up again as her profile picture; this time with the censorship message attached. She also urged all her Facebook contacts to repost this image. Several of her Facebook friends then did repost this message. Facebook then, not only removed this image, yet again, but also blocked Gomperts from using her account for a good 2 days. It was only later that Facebook sent an apology to her, clearing that the content "did not violate any facebook users regulations".


Facebook mistook this post to be violating their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and soon after (December 30, 2011) removed it. Reportedly, misoprostol consumed alongwith an abortion drug called mifeprex is an FDA-approved method of terminating early pregnancy. This is useful, especially to women residing in countries, where abortion, per say is not allowed.


The official post further states that, "By removing the profile picture, Facebook has severely violated Article 19 of the Universal declaration of Human rights, the right to freedom of information as well as Article 10 of the European convention of human rights, the freedom of expression. Facebook has a social responsibility to guarantee and protect human rights." 

Published Date: Jan 04, 2012 06:19 pm | Updated Date: Jan 04, 2012 06:19 pm