Report reveals 800,000 PlayBooks lying in RIM's inventory

When RIM, the brand popular for its BlackBerry line of smartphones entered the tablet space with the launch of PlayBook, it did so with the hopes of replicating its smartphone success. However, months after its launch, the PlayBook failed to draw attention to itself, resulting in what the reports have to reveal now. According to a report in the Guardian UK, as many as 800,000 PlayBook tablets today lie in RIM's inventories untouched, after its less impressive features fizzled out the interest of its potential buyers - BlackBerry loyalists included. Those following our reports on the BlackBerry PlayBook would know that RIM deprived the PlayBook of the most basic features, like email, contacts, more apps, among others. 

What next?

What's the road ahead like?



At the time of its launch, RIM had estimated that this year it would sell 4-5 million units of PlayBook. However, it only managed to sell 800,000 in the first half of 2011 and 100,000 in the Q3. Repercussions of the less than expected sales of the PlayBook have hit the supplier, Quanta Computers hard, or so it seems. According to a DIGITIMES report, RIM, in order to save its inventory of additional burden, asked its supplier, Quanta Computer to stall the production of the product at its factory in Northern Taiwan. The result? As many as 1,000 workers earning their livelihood off this factory have been rendered jobless.  


It now remains to be seen, which route does RIM choose for its PlayBook.

Published Date: Sep 24, 2011 01:04 pm | Updated Date: Sep 24, 2011 01:04 pm