Report claims HTC planning to launch a challenger to the Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has by far been the most successful smartphone with a 5-inch form factor. Ever since it was launched, the handset gained so much popularity that it prompted LG to launch a smartphone with a similar form factor. However, the model from LG, the Optimus Vu is available only in Sounth Korea as of now and there is no word yet on when it will be launched across the globe. So till it does, Samsung continues to monopolize this segment of large smartphones. It seems that HTC plans to do something about it as well and as per a report by BGR, the brand intends on launching a competitor to the Galaxy Note later this year.

Update automatically fixes Wi-Fi bug

Update automatically fixes Wi-Fi bug


As per the report, the author notes, “HTC might actually be the star of the Android show this time around though, as we have been told HTC will have a major flagship device hitting Verizon shelves in the fall. It’s said to feature a whopping 5-inch 1080p HD display (a non-PenTile screen), a new chipset that includes a quad-core Krait CPU and an Adreno 320 GPU, HTC Sense 5 and a Scribe pen. Yes, HTC is launching a Galaxy Note competitor.”

Samsung had taken a gigantic step in breaking the belief that smartphones had to come in smaller packages. With the Galaxy Note being well designed, and pocketable to an extent, the brand has received a lot of accolades for launching a product that has received almost as much success as the Galaxy S II. The 5-inch form factor allows one to have a device which is a cross between a tablet and a smartphone and in the process allowing one to ditch the concept that they need two separate devices, which a certain brand seems to strongly advocate.

HTC, in the recent past have successfully launched the One X, the world’s first quad-core smartphone and it has done quite impressively in the market as well. However, if HTC does launch a Galaxy Note killer with the prowess of a quad-core processor, then the tide in this segment may shift from the South Korean’s to that of the Taiwanese.

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Published Date: Apr 27, 2012 11:31 am | Updated Date: Apr 27, 2012 11:31 am