Reliance Global Call's Unlimited Calling to India from USA launched

Reliance Global Call, as per a company statement, has launched its newest call plan “Unlimited Calling Pack” for cost-effective and uninterrupted calling to landlines and mobiles in India. The plan also gives unlimited calling to more than 25 other countries worldwide. Reliance Global Call has introduced its Unlimited Calling Pack to India, for a monthly price of USD 15.99.


The company statement adds that the plan has been designed to help customers stay in touch with their family and friends back in India without having to worry about long distance charges.

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Launches unlimited calling to India from USA



Compared with other plans available in the market, the Reliance Global Call Unlimited Calling Pack claims to offer a number of benefits to users ranging from students to housewives to business people and families, who frequently make international calls to India.


Elaborating further on the features of its unlimited calling service, the company adds that it offers a uniform plan value of USD 15.99 per month, without any daily call limits. Users can maintain a single account for mobile and landline. Users also get a free-of-cost smartphone app to give them a direct dialling experience for ILD calling. 


Users can call additional 25 countries with the same pack at no extra cost. There are no contracts to go by. Hence, users are free to cancel at any time. The prepaid plan is one with no hidden charges.


“With the launch of Reliance Global Call’s Unlimited Calling Pack, we have added a new dimension to our offering for retail customers. This is an extremely attractive plan especially designed to offer huge cost savings to our customers who regularly make international long distance calls to India and abroad”, said Punit Garg, President, Reliance Communications.


Another popular service in this space is Skype. With Skype, users can make calls to India with rates starting at 9.2 cents (approx. Rs 5) per minute. That’s way more expensive than what Reliance Global Call is offering. There’s no unlimited scheme that lets customers make calls to India from international locations either. Skype does have a Premium feature which lets you do that, but it’s only valid for calls being made to the US and Canada. Skype of course, has many more features such as video conferencing and group conversations. 


Of course, if you want anything cheaper, there’s the ability to make Skype-to-Skype calls. With smartphone usage now becoming popular, there is the option to Skype from the phone. Those who do not own a smartphone, PC or any kind of Internet-connected device could well give this a thought. A service as such could well get popular with those staying abroad, looking for pocket-friendly options to stay in touch with their families in India. 

Published Date: Sep 14, 2012 06:56 pm | Updated Date: Sep 14, 2012 06:56 pm