Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 variants spotted on Wi-Fi certification website: Report

Despite its rather explosive debut and subsequent recalls, Samsung doesn’t seem to have given up on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We’ve been hearing reports that Samsung would be refurbishing the Note 7 and have now found further evidence of the same.

The Galaxy Note 7 itself needs no introduction. It was a great device but faulty battery designs resulted in a global recall that nuked Samsung’s reputation and made the company a meme for many months.

To bring the device back to the market just after the company launched its latest flagship product speaks of extreme self-confidence in the device, or maybe its just hubris. Reports indicate that the battery of the Note 7 will be replaced with a safer, smaller, 3,200 mAh unit.

MySamsungPhones spotted listings on the Wi-Fi Alliance website which suggest that the refurbished devices have been given a 'Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate' by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The website lists six different variants of the device with model numbers SM-N930FD, SM-930X, SM-N930S, SM-930L, SM-930K and SM-N930F.

The global recall of the Note 7 resulted in a stockpile of millions of Galaxy Note 7 devices. Disposing of all them will be expensive as environmental concerns also raise their heads. Despite the risks, Samsung seems to think that refurbishing the devices is a better idea.

Don’t get your hopes up (or down, depending on your view of the Note 7), however. We received word from Samsung in February that they had no intention of selling a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in India.

A report on The Verge also suggests that the device will not be sold in the US either.

Apparently, the L, K and S variants will be sold in South Korea while the rest will be sold globally.

Published Date: Apr 25, 2017 11:15 am | Updated Date: Apr 25, 2017 11:15 am