Rediff rolls out Realtime News Search service

Rediff, a comprehensive content portal has reportedly introduced a news search service, called Realtime News Search. The service, aptly titled aims to bring, as they put it - "India As It Happens". An official statement from the company states that the service will deliver real-time, high performance search for results pertaining to news, events and people. Rediff claims that on Realtime News Search news is collected "within minutes of the actual news event taking place and results returned within milliseconds of a user query". 

The homepage of Rediff Realtime News Service

The homepage of Rediff Realtime News Service



Interestingly, Rediff claims that the 'Realtime' facet of their news service prompts an instant search experience, which translates to the fact that the news service throws results as you type and as the news happens. The news content that is provided on the news service, states Rediff is sourced from around 35,000 news sites and Rediff articles from 2002. Both, global and national news are covered. In addition to the written content, Rediff claims that users will also be able to view about 9 million images from Indian and international sites.


In addition to this, the news search will contain images of Bollywood events, sports celebrities "directly from the photographers covering the events". The News Search service, with news related themes in mind works out query predictions and related queries. 


The official statement further states that the service is powered by an in-house state-of-the-art technology, which according to the official statement looks out new content on the web and brings it together to generate instant search. Rediff further claims that the service can handle query volume owing to a scalable architecture. The service also offers multi device support and the level of functional, then would depend on the device's javascript capability, states Rediff.


Access to the service is currently limited by invitation only. Users can enter their e-mail id to request for an invite mail from Rediff. To give this service a try, click here.