Redesigned Facebook news feed brings larger photos

If in your Facebook News Feed today, you find your newly uploaded album look rather interesting and eye-catching, then it may have something to do with the social giant's latest redesign plans. TechCrunch reports that Facebook has begun gradually rolling out similar redesigns across its web interface that it had introduced to its mobile news feed just recently. For those of you who have already got it (but didn't quite notice it at first glance), it shouldn't be very difficult to decipher that the photos on one's news feed are now 2x larger and the typical photos placement in the news feed now is - one large photo on top, and three smaller photos at the bottom. Needless to add, with larger thumbnails, one's news feed is bound to look more picturesque and vivid, therby adding to the experience. Further, the text in the news feed posts will appear larger and be wider spaced, as well. 


Larger thumbnails now

Larger thumbnails now




Further quoting from the report, "At the time of the mobile redesign, we said Facebook was taking a cue from Instagram, and that the change could make browsing the mobile news feed a less tiring experience. Looks like Facebook wanted to improve the Web experience in the same way, making the news feed more of an enjoyable photo viewer on its own, rather than something that just points you to a photo album elsewhere on the site."


It was only recently that Facebook introduced some changes to their mobile news feed by bringing in larger thumbnails (three times larger), and at that time, the social networking giant had added that the photos would be large enough to fill the screen of one's mobile device from edge to edge. "The old News Feed design in the Facebook mobile apps treated images like regular status updates. However, now, thumbnails are much bigger and are even stacked in interesting ways in the News Feed. Photos are three times larger and Facebook says that the photos will fill your mobile device's screen from edge to edge. The new design will be made available on iOS, Android and This improvement of mobile pictures comes right after Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion."

Published Date: Jun 05, 2012 05:37 pm | Updated Date: Jun 05, 2012 05:37 pm