Reddit lets gold members build own front page with multireddits

Reddit users, brace yourselves. A major front-page change is coming your way and you’re going to like this one. The news sharing site is introducing a new feature that allows you to build your own front page using multiple subreddits 


The feature has been around since quite a while now, although you need to manually enter URLs to be able to use. It. For example, if you’re into cute stuff, technology and conspiracy theories, you need to enter “/r/aww+technology+conspiracy” to browse Reddit in a multireddit—or multi—mode. 


Build your own front page

Build your own front page




Reddit is all set to make these distinct “slices” of the website as ubiquitous and powerful as subreddits. “If subreddits give you the power to create your own reddit community, then multireddits give you the power to create your own public reddit front pages, each with their own selections of subreddits,” wrote the news-gathering website in a blog post. “In the process of curating and sharing these different front pages, there lies the potential to breathe life into smaller, more specific communities, because you can now participate in an order of magnitude more of them.”


Reddit celebrated its 8th birthday recently. Currently, there are about 5,487 active subreddits on the service, and 71 million unique visitors. Reddit is now hoping to push the number of subreddits past 9,000 now and thinks multireddits will help with it. 


Reddit says that it has been working on building multis for the last six months and considers the current version of /r/multibeta as version 0. As it works its way towards building version 1, Reddit says that there will be far more opportunities towards taking part in betas. 


This beta version of multi, however, is limited to only to Reddit gold members. The site says that it might also open source the code on GitHub. If you’re a gold member already, you can head on to and try building your own front page.

Published Date: Jun 09, 2013 02:52 pm | Updated Date: Jun 09, 2013 02:52 pm