Raspberry Pi camera boards up for order

It was in February this year that we got to know that there was a Raspberry Pi camera board in the making, courtesy a blog post by the Raspberry Foundation. The camera board is now up for sale on RS Components and Premier Farnell/Element 14. 


The camera board comes with a 5MP native resolution sensor capable of producing 2592 x 1944 pixel static images. It supports 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 60 fps and 640 x 480p at 60/90 fps video. The camera module is supported in Raspbian. 


The board measures 25 x 20 x 9 mm and weighs just over 3 g. It connects to Raspberry Pi by way of a short ribbon cable. The company cautions that the camera board can be damaged by static electricity and advises that users discharge themselves by touching an earthed object – a radiator or water tap. Also, the camera may come with with a small piece of translucent blue plastic film covering the lens. This, the post explains, is only to protect the lens while the camera is being mailed. It should be removed by gently peeling it off. 


To know how to insert the cable right, view the video below: 



Interestingly, to launch the camera, element14 is inviting budding photographers to enter its Pi Camera photography competition to win a supply of new Raspberry Pi accessories throughout the remainder of the year. If you own a Raspberry Pi and Pi camera, you can enter the competition. Images need to be taken with the camera and submitted in four categories:

  • Your workshop/den
  • Your Pi project
  • People and Pets
  • Outdoors


Five finalists will be selected in each category. The competition will run from 14 May to 14 June 2013 and the winner will be picked by public vote. 

Published Date: May 15, 2013 12:05 pm | Updated Date: May 15, 2013 12:05 pm