'Quirky' volume control bug grips Galaxy Nexus

A report by XDA Developers confirms that a very 'quirky' bug has been affecting the volume controls of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The bug in the smartphone has been causing the volume levels of the smartphone to fluctuate, more than often, reduce. A little 'investigation' into it revealed that each time the smartphone encounters a radio interference, i.e. each time it transmits 2G or GSM 900, either from a device in the vicinity or itself, the volume controls on the smartphone take a beating. A demo of this in the video below, make the situation quite clear - 




From the above video, it gets clear that the affected phone's in the bootloader mode and bringing it in contact with another smartphone was causing it to behave abruptly. The 'SAV Ghost' or 'Volume Bug' as it is being referred to as grips a smartphone when the affected device is kept close to another phone transmitting on 2G and GSM 900 (900Mhz). So, the problem essentially lies in the smartphone's hardware, and if you have one, then the device is faulty. 


Reportedly, Samsung U.K users seem to be the ones massively hit by the bug. But, then again, we're not sure if all of them have this defect. Also, there is no confirmation if Samsung is indeed working towards fixing this, soon. 

Published Date: Nov 22, 2011 03:22 pm | Updated Date: Nov 22, 2011 03:22 pm