Qualcomm Unleashes The Dual-Core (snap)Dragon

Qualcomm, the company behind the Snapdragon recently announced its successor - The MSM8960. The specs are mindblowing, when you consider that it has two cores, five times the performance, better graphics and a multi-mode 3G and 4G modem.

Snapdragon gets snappier

The MSM8260 and MSM8660 are two systems on a chip (SoC) and run at 1.2 GHz and the amazing thing is that they are ready to ship to manufacturers. But the star of the show is the MSM8960, which is based on a newer core and has two of them that provide five times the performance when compared to the single-core SoC.

Qualcomm also claim that new Adreno GPU gives a 4x boost to the graphics compared to current Adreno GPUs. It quite a bold claim considering the MSM8960 also boasts a 75% reduction of the power consumption. The current Snapdragon SoC’s which power the current crop of Android and Windows 7 phones will be replaced by these newcomers somewhere in early 2011.