PUMA launches 'Rocket Race' campaign for F1 enthusiasts

Popular sport lifestyle company, Puma has announced a new ‘Rocket Race’ game that is a part of their new Indian F1GP campaign. 150 tickets for the Indian Grand Prix are up for grabs and those wanting to win it need to log onto Facebook and play the game. The race airs on 30th October, 2011, and the rules of the game are pretty simple. If you’re among the top five rocket racers of the day, you get one of the tickets to the F1 Airtel Indian GP. 

The race is on...

The race is on...



So, all you have to do is log onto Facebook, select the PUMA Rocket Race application and get started. In the game there are three types of rockets to choose from - Easy Rider, Spitfire and Hairpinner; and the three locations to choose from are Street, Open Ground and Terrace. In the Street, you have to trace your path through obstacles, while in the Open ground you have to tilt your rocket to beat the wind and in Terrace you have to dodge birds. Every gamer can choose their opponents and then fire their rockets. With each win they get points and as you know, those with the highest points at the end of the day (midnight) win tickets. 


Can't be so easy, right? Here are the rest of the details. In addition to the three rockets mentioned above, people who shop at the PUMA stores and the PUMA e-shop also win 100 Big Guy rockets which are basically invincible rockets, which in turn enhance your score and thus your chances of winning the tickets. Consumers can shop for gifts worth Rs. 3,499 and get a limited edition motorsport tee by PUMA in metros and Tier 1 cities. Other cities get a PUMA backpack. In addition to this, consumers also get a 'Big Guy' Rocket Race code. Those wanting to play the game, need to click here

Published Date: Oct 14, 2011 02:38 pm | Updated Date: Oct 14, 2011 02:38 pm