PSP2 Rumoured to Have an AMOLED Screen as well as 3G and Wi-Fi Capabilities.

A lot has been said about the PSP2 in the past few months. We have talked about the rumoured touch pad controls as well as the rumoured announcement date of the said device.

Concept renders is all we have at the moment.

The rumour mills have delivered us yet another piece of news with which to tease the readers. According to a Nikkei report, Sony will be going all out on the tech for the PSP2. Sources reveal that the PSP2 will have a state of the art AMOLED screen, but no mention has been made whether it will have touchscreen capabilities or be in 3D as other rumours suggested.

There is also talk that the device will offer 3G services via Japanese network NTT DoCoMo, but will not be able to make voice calls. Wi-Fi on the other hand is pretty much a standard in devices nowadays, so it won’t surprise us if Sony do add it to the PSP2. What will surprise us, however, is a Wi-Fi only variant of the PSP2. Not only will it be priced lower than the fully kitted PSP, but will also appeal to gamers who don’t really need the 3G capabilities.

Published Date: Jan 24, 2011 05:19 pm | Updated Date: Jan 24, 2011 05:19 pm