PSP Phone Not Playing PSP Games? WTF!

Yesterday we told you about the announcement date of the PSP phone, and quite some time back we also mentioned specs although they are not really confirmed for sure. Today there are some more rumors (and this time we pray and pray some more, that these are only rumors) about the PSP phone not being able to play PSP games. It also says that the phone won’t sell under the PlayStation logo, but rather will be a part of the XPERIA family.

:'( It wont play PSP games

This might not affect those who are only looking for a bad-ass phone, but it definitely surprises those who game on the PSP and we have seen good titles coming to the portable gaming device (for evidence, check the God of War review) Sony Ericsson has chosen to make a different set of games and these will be compatible only with the phone. The games should all be below $10 (approx Rs. 450). The device will probably be launched at the MWC 2011 in February and Sony Ericsson targets a 500 US dollars (approx Rs. 22,900) retail price with 5 games included.

So that’s about it for now. It's good that it runs on the latest Android, but not playing PSP games is certainly not cool! For more information click here.