PS4 could feature Xbox One-like restrictions on used games

Microsoft’s latest announcement regarding the Xbox One might have disheartened many gamers across the globe but, if rumours are to be believed, then Sony's PS4 is expected to add misery as it could also feature Xbox One-like policy restrictions on used games.


Rumours suggest that this would mean, the new console would feature a one off activation for new games, with stores then paying a fee to publishers to deactivate the title, so it can be sold as used.


Though Xbox's Major Nelson has attempted to dispel the rumours, asking gamers to be patient and wait for more information, it is believed that the firm is caught in a fix about its used games policy with the Xbox One.

The complete Xbox One package

Both consoles might not have much difference in their policy



If the rumours turn out to be true, it might change the mode of gaming in future. Even though the games will have to be bought on CDs just like for Xbox 360 games, the main difference this time will be that the games will not be played off the CDs. Instead, they will be installed to the Xbox One’s hard drive.


Once installed, game will be registered to the user’s Xbox Live account restricting it to that particular user. If a gamer wishes to take that CD to a friend’s house and play that game on someone else’s console, he would be forced to log into his Xbox Live account on the other person’s console.


As the game is played on the new console, it will be again installed on the hard drive and will remain installed even after the game owner logs out. If the owner of that console wishes to continue playing the game, he will be prompted to purchase it online at the existing retail price.


However, Microsoft has tired to dispel all the rumours by releasing an official statement  which said, "The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future."

Published Date: May 28, 2013 08:59 AM | Updated Date: May 28, 2013 08:59 AM