PS3 Hack Case Reaches Settlement

A recent development has taken place in the SCEA v/s GeoHot case that was till the last week, fiery.

Hack packed!

Hack packed!



A little recap on the infamous tussle - Hacktivist, George Hotz had hacked Sony’s PlayStation 3. He had it done to run non-Sony approved software, as also pirated games on it. Hotz also distributed the tools one would require to potentially hack the PS3. All was well till its bluff was called off by Sony. SCEA filed litigation suits against Hotz claiming he had violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Computer Fraud Abuse Act. The federal magistrate found him guilty of all charges leveled against him.

The Magistrate Joseph Spero has given Sony a go-ahead to gather details like the name of the  Web provider, Bluehost, to get the IP addresses of visitors to Hotz' site since January 2009, as well as server logs and other information related to the account, and information on computers that accessed or downloaded files from it.

Owing to an out of court settlement between Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and hacktivist, George Hotz, one of the most controversial litigation suits has come to an end. The agreement that reached its final stage on March 31, it is only now that Sony has gone public with it.


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