Proview orders Chinese distributors to halt iPad sales

Yesterday, while the world watched the Apple chief with bated breath, as unveiled the latest version of their popular tablet computer, iPad at an event in San Francisco; battle over the trademark term “iPad” intensified, elsewhere. Reports have it that Proview Technology, who has been in the news over the months, owing to their alleged claims of owning the trademark term “iPad” in China, shot an open letter to iPad suppliers and resellers in China to halt the sales of the tablet computer in the country.  The letter read, “Anybody who continues to do so will be seen as intentionally infringing rights and the company will adopt the most severe measures by taking legal action.” Both the parties are currently awaiting a verdict from the Higher People's Court in Guangzhou, which is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. 

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Those following our reports about the Apple - Proview Technology lawsuit would know just how badly have the sales of the popular tablet been affected in the country, since Proview has been going great lengths to ensure that Chinese retailers stop selling iPad tablets.  Proview, however, according to our previous reports has been finding it difficult to implement the sales ban, since the tablet is just very popular with the masses. Towards the end of the last month, we had reported that Apple wasn't successful in its fight against Proview, leading to the latter issuing sales ban orders across 40 cities in the country, which needless to say, dealt a major blow to Apple's ambitions in China. 


China-based, Proview Technology first grabbed headlines, when it went on to claim that it was the rightful owner of the name iPad, in China. Proview claims that when Apple went about securing the rights to the trademark name, iPad, globally, they (Proview) had not parted away with theirs and it has remained so, ever since. Proview has since been making its displeasure clear, and even went to the extent of temporary impoundment, asking authorities to seize several units of the popular tablet, across China. 


Now, with the unveiling of Apple's latest tablet computer; it looks like the newbie will have to learn its fight for survival too early in the day, unless the warring parties reach a common ground of dialogue. Do let us know your views in the comments section below.