Promo shots of Samsung's Android-based professional camera Galaxy NX leaked

Following Samsung co-CEO JK Shin's confirmation about an Android-powered mirrorless camera, the first leaked promotional shots of the device have appeared online. The Vietnamese tech site Tinh te has put up a couple of images of the product, code named Galaxy NX. The Galaxy NX combines two of Samsung’s big categories - smart devices and cameras.

The promotional shots clear up a few of the questions users may have. First off, it’s a big camera, and a professional looking one at that. From the shots seen, the Galaxy NX will feature interchangeable lenses, a proper viewfinder, an SLR looking body, as well as a big rear display. This is a big step up, in terms of features, from the company’s last offering, the Galaxy Camera.

According to the Vietnamese site, the Galaxy NX will be coming to the market with a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor as well as a 1080p video recording feature, with a maximum ISO setting of 25,600. The camera will also sport either a dual-core or a quad-core Exynos CPU.

Samsung is all set to launch its next offering in the Galaxy Camera series, the Galaxy NX

Samsung is all set to launch its next offering in the Galaxy Camera series, the Galaxy NX



The rear display will feature a high resolution 4.3-inch screen, which will have touchscreen capabilities, according to Tinh te. While details about connectivity are limited now, the promotional shots show a signal strength metre on the display, which points out that there may be a cellular radio of sorts featured in the device.


The Galaxy NX is an offering that Samsung is clearly aiming at the professional market. While the Galaxy Camera may not have been able to strike much resonance with the professional user, the NX may see a different result.


The company has not yet announced a fixed price for the same though, but from what can be seen, in terms of the product shots and the specification list, it will not be a cheap buy. As reported before, Shin has confirmed that the Galaxy NX will be launched at Samsung’s June 20 “Premiere” event. More details about the NX can definitely be expected in the next few days.

Published Date: Jun 14, 2013 10:49 am | Updated Date: Jun 14, 2013 10:49 am