Professor writes his paper using iOS autocomplete; gets accepted by international conference

A associate professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand just pulled off something which can either be termed as utter nonsense or intriguing. The professor who was invited by the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics had no clue what to put down since he comes from a background in Human Interface Technology.

Since Christoph Bartneck had no knowledge about Nuclear Physics, he simply started writing his paper typing the words 'Atomic' or 'Nuclear' and saw a suggestion pop up thanks to iOS' autocomplete feature. Post this he decided to let the feature do all the talking instead. Turns out that the nonsensical paper which he churned out just by adding just suggestions from autocomplete now has been accepted by the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

Considering that it was written by autocomplete you can expect the statements made in the paper to not make any sense at all. Or do they?

“Atomic Physics and I shall not have the same problem with a separate section for a very long long way,”

“Power is not a great place for a good time.” and many more.

Christoph Bartneck, then added some Wikipedia stock art along with some academic references, created a fake identity and submitted it not expecting a reply. Turns out that he did get one three hours later. But even the acceptance email seems like an automated response and you can find the same by clicking here.

Published Date: Oct 24, 2016 09:12 AM | Updated Date: Oct 24, 2016 09:12 AM