Prey 2 Details Trickle Through

Last week we found out that publisher Bethesda were planning on reviving the Prey franchise in the form of a sequel. Even though information was scarce, we got a sweet live action teaser trailer that has now totally elevated my fear of flying.


Video game magazine Game Reactor somehow managed to score an exclusive reveal so here are some of the more juicy details from their latest issue as summarized by Gaming Everything.

The Game Reactor cover that broke the news

The Game Reactor cover that broke the news



- Main character is Killian Samuels, sheriff and prison guard.
- Been in development for 3 years
- X360 main platform, PC and PS3 versions in development (as announced)
- Pretty nice graphics overall (not jaw-dropping but good), graphics style a mix of Bioshock and Mass Effect
- “Heavily inspired by Mirror’s Edge, but also Riddick and Blade Runner” – Producer
- Use the surroundings, big areas where you can sneak up on enemies using the shadows
- No multiplayer, 3D, Kinect or Move
- As said in the PR, 2012 release date
- Tommy/Intro spoiler: First level is basically the beginning of Prey, but instead of controlling Tommy you control Killian.
- Human head: “If the first Prey was the Luke Sywalker version of the story, Prey 2 is Bobba Fett’s story”.
- The project has been restarted several times
- Open game structure. “Go wherever you want, talk to whoever you want, do the missions you want”.
- “Killian as flexible and limber as Faith of ME, leaping over hights, hanging by arms from pipes, balancing on thin boards and jumping like a cat upwards structures”
- “An enhanced Killzone esque cover system, battles looks so flexible, brings your thoughts back to Vanquish”
- Parkour moments when being chased by enemies
- Money can be used to upgrade your armor, weapons, but also abilities, example to make enemies hover in the air
- HH: “Every area is comparable to Assassin’s Creed 2″, whatever that means. Planet is Exodus. Desert levels, big cities, “in the wilds”, cave areas
- GR: “It has the moving scheme from Mirror’s Edge, the freedom of Mass Effect and the fire fights of Killzone 2″ (writer loved Prey 1)
- Different kinds of ammo, weapons can be customized/rebuilt
- Producer: “Who would pick the MP mode of Prey 2 ahead of the one in for example Halo Reach? We’d rather to a really good SP adventure”
- There will be DLC
- There will be vag portals, but fewer on them and “with different looks”

Prey 2 is rumored to released sometime in 2012 for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC.

Published Date: Mar 21, 2011 10:49 am | Updated Date: Mar 21, 2011 10:49 am