Possible successor to HTC EVO 3D leaks in promo video

HTC haven’t mentioned anything about the successor to the EVO 3D, yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it quietly. In a promo video for the newly announced EVO 4G LTE for Sprint in the U.S, we can catch a glimpse of what appears to be a phone with dual cameras in a completely new chassis. While this could just be a prototype, it seems like HTC are toying with new dual-camera designs, which could lead to an announcement for a new phone somewhere down the line. The design of the new phone is modeled on the similar lines as the EVO 4G LTE and the red strip at the back suggests that it could come with a kick stand. It also appears to have a dual LED flash sitting between the two cameras.

Could this be the successor

Could this be the successor?



If HTC are planning on a successor to the EVO 3D, which we felt was a very well-engineered phone, here are a couple of features we want it to have. The old EVO 3D’s biggest failing was that all the stereoscopic 3D photos were captured in 2MP, which wasn’t too bad if viewed in 3D, but if you had to save that photo as a 2D image, the quality goes for a toss. Hopefully the successor to the EVO 3D will come with upgraded 8MP shooters and along with the more powerful S4 chipset, this should be easily manageable. The other big feature we would like to see is 1080p recording in 2D and 3D mode. The old phone was restricted to 720p, even in 2D mode, which we felt was quite strange, considering it had a dual-core processor. Also, if we could record video at 60fps or higher, that would be a very neat feature for some cool slow motion videos. Shooting the same videos in 3D would be even better and we feel HTC needs to make a couple of bold moves, if it wants to stand out from the competition. 


Whether or not HTC will pursue another 3D phone is unclear right now, but with the recent drop in the EVO 3D price and now this leaked image of a possible prototype, it doesn’t seem unlikely that we may hear about a successor soon.