Possible live pics of Apple's iPhone 5 surface

A new day, another iPhone 5 tidbit; but don't pass this off just yet. What the iPhone 5 will finally look like - after a ton of speculations seems to be here. KitGuru have managed to lay their hands on, what they're saying is the actual, honest to godness, iPhone 5.

Is this the iPhone 5?

Is this the iPhone 5?



KitGuru's Yong Lei writes, "As our regular readers know, KitGuru has operatives across the globe. Out in the Far East, an early iPhone 5 has been spotted and – using the very latest techniques – we have managed to capture its reflected photons."

The site also mentions that the images are 'pre-release test sample', which would obviously be 'cleaned up' before its retail release.


The report further states - "While Apple will have been looking at the increased size of the Samsung screens, there are some limitations for Apple based on the ’1x’ and ’2x’ nature of its app sizes. Also, Jobs wanted to keep a clear distinction between what is a tablet and what is a phone. As a result, the screen on the iPhone 5  is bigger – but not by much."

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 connector?



That these images indeed belong to the newest iPhone is something only time will tell, but if they are then it puts an end to the churning of the rumour mills. With rival Samsung’s Galaxy S III already launched, all eyes have now turned to Cupertino to see what their new iPhone will look like and feature.


The iPhone 4S placed alongside the supposed iPhone 5



Two rumours of the iPhone 5 seem to be consistent for quite a while now. One of which is that the upcoming handset will have a redesigned casing with a larger display and the second is that it will feature a micro dock. The next-gen iPhone is expected to feature a major design overhaul and it is said to be much bigger, measuring about 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm high and 7.6 mm thin with a 4-inch display with a possible resolution of 1136 x 640. As previous reports also indicated, the headphone jack could be relocated at the bottom of the device.  

iPhone 5 spotted

iPhone 5 spotted



The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to release this September featuring the latest iOS 6. While it is possible that these images here could be legit, going by the previous rumours about the tapering design form, this design seems off by a little bit. Nevertheless, Apple has been known to 'slip up' every now and again with devices making their appearance well before their launch, as seen in the iPhone 4 left-in-a-bar debacle of 2010.


As far as we can see, the design only seems bigger, but not very different. Let's hope the retail item manages to bring eagerly awaiting consumers a fresh looking iPhone form factor. Fingers crossed.


Image credit: KitGuru

Published Date: Jul 13, 2012 11:53 am | Updated Date: Jul 13, 2012 11:53 am