Portronics launches security device Greenlock 2

Portronics, a maker of portable and digital devices, has announced the launch of its new Greenlock 2 device that protects the privacy of your computer monitor. Walk away from your computer with the 'smart ID card case' and within seconds the computer screen will automatically switch off your monitor and lock up your screen. Return to your computer and the screen will open and unlock immediately. Portronics has made a video that explains the use of the device.


Here are some of the features of the Portronics Greenlock 2:

  • Automatically locks and unlocks computer with your presence near the computer
  • It is in the form of the ID card case and can be used to carry any organisation ID cards
  • Saves energy of the computer while you are away
  • Three-step step distance selection
The Portronics Greenlock 2

The Portronics Greenlock 2



The installation process for the Greenlock 2 is as follows:

  • Install very light Greenlock software onto the PC
  • Insert the micro dongle into the USB port
  • Wear the Greenlock 2 ID card case
  • While you move away the computer locks and when you come near it unlocks automatically


Earlier this month, Portronics had released the Electropen. This is an intelligent pen that can capture your handwritten notes, store them in its memory, convert them to editable text and send them to a PC. The notes can be written on ordinary paper. You can even use the pen to trace or sketch images and then transfer them to your computer.


The pen’s body is a transmitter and a clip is the receiver. You attach the clip to a stack of papers, notebook or diary, and it records your movement with the pen as you write or draw. The technologies employed here are Infrared and Ultrasound. The pen works in two modes: Offline and Online.


Offline mode involves the pen just recording whatever you’ve written down and storing them in its memory. You can later convert the recorded data into editable text on a PC via the bundled software. This mode can be useful for quick note taking; for students, executives, or for doctors.

In Online mode, you attach either the body or the clip to a computer while writing or sketching. This mode offers some other options such as drawing or tracing, which transfers anything you draw to the computer. The bundled software also lets you project whatever you’re writing down onto a screen in real time via a projector. You also get a signature capture mode, which allows you to record your signatures and store digital copies of them.


Priced at Rs 2999, the Portronics Greenlock 2 is available across the country, and is said to have no additional maintenance cost.

Published Date: Sep 28, 2012 02:51 pm | Updated Date: Sep 28, 2012 02:51 pm