Portal 2 Announced

I think pretty much everyone on the planet loved Portal so it’s a no brainer that Valve are working on a sequel that has now been officially announced. While the officially announcement is pretty bare, Game Informer scans have been leaked all over the net and since we can’t post scans, here’s a small gist of the article:

  • Portal was a 'trial'. Size and assets specifically kept minimal. Had no idea it would be this popular.
  • Portal was a 'test bed', Portal 2 is a 'game'.
  • GlaDOS returns as the antagonist.
  • Chell returns, and we play as her.
  • Portal 2 takes place a long time after the original. Hundreds of years, in fact. The complex has overgrown.
  • Those orbs seen at the end of Portal are personality orbs. They've cornered off sections of the labs as their own, and are concerned about the decaying state of the complex.
  • The opening sounds **** awesome. Im a bit **** I spoiled it for myself.
  • Portal gun remains unchanged.
  • Physics will now be part of portal puzzle solving. EG: A vent that sucks air in can be combined with a portal to 'suck' from a different location.
  • "Paint" mechanic, various liquid substances that cause some reaction. For example, in the demo shown a orange substance on the floor caused Chell to be propelled upwards. Using portals you can apply these 'paints' to other areas of the level for puzzle solving.
  • Reflection cubes will allow Chell to reflect lazers for various puzzles.
  • The co-op campaign will have you playing as two bipedal robots. The like to hold hands.
  • Splitscreen for people playing on the console, and 'picture in picture' available for those playing remote co-op (eg: PC). This allows you to easily communicate with the other player and combine efforts for puzzle solving.

Portal 2 releases sometime this December for the Xbox360 and PC.

Via palgn.com.au

Published Date: Mar 08, 2010 11:44 am | Updated Date: Mar 08, 2010 11:44 am