PlayUp announces new social game, Cricket Empires

PlayUp has announced the launch of their latest social game, called Cricket Empires – Claim your fame. With inputs from Australian legend, Steve Waugh and Indian Cricket star, Rohit Sharma, the game has been designed to enhance the experience surrounding the upcoming IPL 5. Cricket Empires is the first social game, truly built for cricket fans. Users will have the opportunity to flaunt their passion for cricket to their social graph. The game experience will be available across Facebook and mobile devices. 


Cricket Empires puts users in an immersive world that they can develop, as they progress through the game. Users have two main assets – their Sports City and their Teams. To create their teams, they can choose their 16, from the new generation of international and domestic players. Fans create their own Empire with the addition of facilities, such as stadiums, gymnasiums, team offices and training centers. Utilising these facilities for training players leads to increased health and better health leads to improved performances in the tournaments in Cricket Empires. Users can also challenge their friends to matches and establish their cricketing superiority. What sets Cricket Empires apart, is the close connect it creates between user strategy and the real-world performance of cricket players. Real world performances, for instance, affect the popularity and demand for players within the game and fans need to adjust their Super-16, accordingly.

Wanna play some cricket?

Wanna play some cricket?



Speaking on the occasion, Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO, PlayUp India, said, “As pioneers in interactive social engagement for Sport we are proud to bring our expertise to creating a new genre of social games. The modern-day sports fan is extremely well-informed and demands the very best. Our understanding of Sport and Social media allows us to create products with intense engagement for fans. We have learnt from both, our very active Facebook community and our Cricket experts – Australian legend Steve Waugh and Indian Cricket star Rohit Sharma - who have been intensively involved in the design and development of this game.


Steve Waugh, one of the key stakeholders in the PlayUp business, said, “Cricket Empiress is an effort to let fans immerse themselves in the entire Cricket ecosystem. With a deeper understanding of the nitty-gritty comes a deeper appreciation of and bonding with the game. By giving the user complete control of their team and its development we allow them to enjoy the game to its fullest.


Cricket Empires will be launched as a public beta in early March with a full release to follow in time for the new IPL season. Users can enjoy Cricket Empires on popular social media platforms and from their smartphones as well. More information on the game is available here

Published Date: Feb 24, 2012 10:47 am | Updated Date: Feb 24, 2012 10:47 am