PlayStation Plus subscribers get God of War HD Collection for free

Sony has announced an update to the PlayStation Store’s game listing, and the company is also giving the God of War HD Collection away for free. The game is available at a 100 percent discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Subscribers can also grab the digital version of Far Cry 3 for a 10 percent discount, bringing its price down from £39.99 to £36, which roughly translates to Rs 2,950.

Why do you even try

Time to go back to working for the Gods


Sony had recently announced the March line-up of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Headlining the bunch of games for March will be the last chapter in BioWare’s epic space opera—Mass Effect 3. Subscribers will also be getting Dead or Alive 5 and Joe Danger 2 on the PlayStation 3, and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Puddle on the PlayStation Vita.

Mass Effect 3 plunges you into an all-out galactic war against robotic eldritch abominations. As Shepard, it is your job to find a way to deal with the Reaper threat and take the Earth back. While the game has been praised for wrapping up almost every loose thread in the series' story, critics panned it for the lacklustre ending. It will hit PlayStation Plus on March 6.

Dead or Alive 5 is one of the few games that can actually compete with the Tekken series when it comes to 3D fighters. Featuring a range of game modes, the game picks up two years after the destruction of the tri-tower—the headquarters and symbol of DOATEC. Helena Douglas has begun the task of rebuilding DOATEC, this time with the aim of using its technology for peaceful ends. Now in the same position once held by her father, Helena has announced that she intends to hold the fifth Dead or Alive tournament.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie takes the world's most determined stuntman to Hollywood. You'll have to survive outrunning an avalanche as a skiing secret agent, take on laser-spewing robots while flying a jetpack, and even become a water-skiing, sky-diving, quad-biking, dinosaur-dodging jungle adventurer. Grab it on PlayStation Plus on March 6.

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection brings the classic Metal Gear Solid games—MGS 2: Sons of Liberty and MGS 3: Subsistence—to the PlayStation Vita. Play as Solid Snake, Raiden and Naked Snake as you take on bipedal tanks called Metal Gears, explore the origins of Metal Gears and discover the true threat of the Patriots and their S3 plan. This collection will be sneaking into PlayStation Plus on March 13.

And last but not least, we get a puzzle-platforming title called Puddle. Conserve as much liquid as possible when crossing a variety of obstacles such as burning passageways, carnivorous plants and electric currents, as you guide a puddle of fluid through 49 levels using the Vita's rear touch pad and tilt functionality. It’s coming to PlayStation Plus on March 20.

Published Date: Feb 28, 2013 05:49 pm | Updated Date: Feb 28, 2013 05:49 pm