PlayStation Move in India by September

We put the head of PlayStation India, Atindriya Bose on the hot seat so that you, our readers could ask him whatever your heart desired. Sadly he couldn't answer all of the questions thrown at him due to time constraints but we hope most of you have got the answers you were looking for.

When will the PlayStation move be launched in India and how will it be priced?

The PS Move peripheral range will be launched synchronized with the international launch in the PAL markets. We are looking at the mid-September date, depending on the logistics cycle for the material arrival.

The local market prices for the PS Move peripherals are yet to be finalized and declared soon. In spite of the high import tax structure, we are trying to maintain a competitive price that allows a fast adoption of the range by the Indian families.

When will the PSN service be available in India? There are thousands of PS3 owners with a broadband connection here who have to mention some other PSN supported country to access the PlayStation store while signing up. – Udit Arora

Currently we are working with a specific launch plan for the PS Store for the Indian market. It will be safe to say the same will be available for the market in the current calendar year only.

We recognize the current installed base of both the PS3 as well as the PSP who can benefit from the launch of the PS Store and also the improvements in the connectivity scenario of India. The Indian PS Store is in the final phases and should be available to the Indian consumers soon.

What kind of bundles will you have with the Move? Will it be the same as the US/UK or will India get a different bundle? – Rohan Anchan

Conceptually the full range of the PS Move peripherals and corresponding bundles will be available to the Indian audience. In terms of planning and logistics, we follow the PAL territory planning and UK is a closer example.

In terms of the peripheral bundles or console bundles, nothing specific has been planned out yet but the best options for the market will be rolled out at competitive price points.

Will we ever see developers like Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica make local games for the Indian market? – Rohit J

In terms of the maturity of the market and years of experience, these developers are definitely at the forefronts of game development.

But going by our initial experience of working with the Indian game developers on certain Indian content based games, we definitely are confident of the potential of the Indian game development industry. The quality of people, talent and capability are certainly there in abundance to fast forward the cycle and be optimistic about the potential.

However, in this journey, there needs to be adequate support from the Government and Industry bodies with a clear recognition of the business potential of tapping into the World game development industry.

Why is PS3 such a power guzzler? May be the next upgrade should be an energy efficient "GREEN PS3". What is your take on what the future beholds? – Vishu Kashyap

Sony has specific Green policies which dictates any product development as a responsible corporate citizen.

However any comments on these policies and future product strategies cannot be properly done from the local business organization level.

How many PS3 consoles have been sold in India to date? – Abhishek

We are currently looking at around an installed base of 75K in the Indian market. What is encouraging is the current retail sales speed for PS3 which is almost 150% more than last year average.
Why is the play station 3 priced higher in India than the West? If you break it down we are paying close to 100 dollars more than our international counterparts. Surely this can’t be a very good sales strategy right?

Published Date: Jul 10, 2010 02:39 pm | Updated Date: Jul 10, 2010 02:39 pm