Playing Video Games Could Make You Single

How many times have you skipped that date to play some Call of Duty online with friends? If the answer is many a time, you could become single real soon (like duh!) says the latest survey conducted by the It seems the situation is a bit worse off in the West as one in ten men have sacrificed a bit of some late night nookie to shoot someone in the face.

The situation deteriorated further as Call of Duty: Black Ops released last week decimating sales records all over the place. It seems message boards are burning with passionate women voicing their concern over their better halves showering more love on Treyarch’s latest first person shooter. Here’s an excerpt from one distraught woman, "My boyfriend is addicted to Call of Duty: Black Ops. I'd love it if he would spend all that time talking to me. Even though I see him every day I think the game is more important than me."

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To which someone advised her, "If you want some attention, date a guy who doesn't play computer games." Advice of the century? I think so.

Also in case you’re interested, here are the top twenty relationship breakers according to that survey.