Play Killing Floor for free this weekend

Killing Floor is a first-person, co-operative zombie killing experience similar to Valve’s Left4Dead series. The game was actually a deeper experience than Valve’s shooter with an economy system and everything, but obviously lacked the polish Valve’s game did. Now you can be the judge of which game is better as Tripwire Entertainment are offering Killing Floor for free all weekend on Steam. And if you like what you see, you can buy the game at a whopping 75 percent discount that brings down the price to just $3.74 (Rs.195).

In killing Floor, the cookie eats you

In Killing Floor, the cookie eats you


Also available for this free weekend is the game’s Twisted Christmas 2 content that packs in new weapons, maps as well as new perks. And since this game has managed to generate a dedicated fan base for itself, there’s also a ton of UGC (User Generated Content) floating around for you to try out. The free weekend ends this Sunday.