Pinterest rolls outs web analytics tool for website owners

If you own a business and have always wondered about the number of people pinning from your site, we have some news to share. With the announcement of Pinterest Web Analytics, the social networking platform is giving bloggers, businesses and organisations an insight into the way people interact with pins that are born out of their website. 


To be able to start using it, users will first need a verified website. Those with a verified website will be able to see the number of people who have pinned from their site, number of people who have seen these pins and the number of people who visited their site from Pinterest. 

Explore your site

Explore your site



In addition to that, Pinterest will show the most repinned, most clicked and most recent pins of a few chosen users, so businesses know what's doing well for them. Suppose, a user has a travel blog, then using Pinterest Web Analytics, he will be able to see what content people are pinning more. 


Those with verified websites can go to the top right menu and select Analytics. Once there, users can change their date range to see the changes that have come over time. Alternatively, users can download their analytics. 


Over the months following its launch, Pinterest has been garnering its fair share of popularity, both on desktop and as an application for iOS and Android devices. Last month,  Pinterest updated its iOS app, enabling users to edit pins and delete comments. Users can now update the description of a pin, change the location of a board or delete a pin altogether. You can also delete any comments you have made on Pinterest.


The update brings some performance improvements and a couple of bug fixes. Pinterest stated in a blog post that it has made some behind-the-curtain improvements to the app, which results in smoother scrolling when viewing pins. Late in January this year, Pinterest was reported to be trying a new look that aims to make surfing the website both faster and more pleasing to the eye. The company will implement a tweaked navigation panel along with bigger pin sizes. 


Recently, Pinterest updated its Android application to make group boards better, allowing users to pin with others while on-the-go. 


In version 1.3, the updated Pinterest app lets you view the contributors, i.e. users can see who else is pinning to a board along with them. Interestingly, now Pinterest users can control the boards which they contribute to. Simply put, they have the option to accept or ignore new board invitations. They can also quit group boards that they were a part of.  Pinterest also informs users that the update to the app isn't up on the Kindle app store yet, but it will be there once the review process is over. 

Published Date: Mar 13, 2013 04:27 pm | Updated Date: Mar 13, 2013 04:27 pm