Pinterest rolls out test for secret boards

Evrhet Milam, Software Engineer with Pinterest, shares in an official blog post that it has begun rolling out a test that will allow users to make three secret boards. The post begins by revealing that secret boards have been among their most frequently-requested features, and quite like its name, the secret board feature will allow users to create boards on Pinterest, which they can choose to not share with others. Either that or they can invite their family and friends to pin with them. Using secret boards, users can keep track of holiday gifts, plan a special event, or work on a project, which they are not ready to share with the rest of the world just yet. 


To begin creating a secret board from the web, users will have to visit their profile, and scroll right down. Here, they would have to click Create a Secret Board. Alternately, users can also click Add+ on the top right-hand corner of Pinterest to select Create Board, and turn the Secret button to On.

Pinterest rolls out test for secret boards

Going about making a secret board



Those using Pinterest on their mobile device will have to first download the most recent version of Pinterest for iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. 
Once there, they will have to go to their profile, tap on the Boards tab, and scroll down to the bottom until they see the option that says Create a Secret Board.


The way this works is that once a user adds a pin to a secret board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest— and the only place it will be viewable is on the secret board.  Milam clarifies that at the moment, there is no way that users can make their existing boards secret, since there may have been those others who have repinned from their board.


Creating secret boards on Android and iOS platforms



Considering secret boards were not a part of their Privacy Policy, Pinterest confirms to have now updated that document. “While we were adding secret boards to the policy, we also took the opportunity to simplify the overall language of the policy and provide more examples. We think the result is a much clearer and more understandable policy for the non-lawyers who use Pinterest,” the post adds further. 


Milam also confirms that users will be receiving an email notifying them about the privacy policy update.


In August this year, Pinterest launched its applications for Android and iPad, and updated its iPhone app. At the time Pinterest had shared that the app is a result of its users constantly asking about one. The Pinterest app for Android devices "makes it simple and fast to pin". The makers assure that the app has been made such that it works well on both Android phones and tablets irrespective of the device's cost, speed or screen size. 


As for the iPad application, Pinterest added that iPad owners "may have the best Pinterest experience yet". Pinterest enables users to discover, save and organize all that interests them. Using the app on the iPad, users can swipe the screen to get back to browsing once they are done viewing a board. They can also use the embedded browser to see what others are pinning. 


Pinterest’s redesigned app for its iPhone users, made way for a two column layout, allowing users to view more, to help them find what they are looking for.

Published Date: Nov 10, 2012 12:07 pm | Updated Date: Nov 10, 2012 12:07 pm