Pinterest launches first non-English site in France

Pinterest has launched a new, localised version of its site (its first non-English one) for enthusiasts in France, which will enable pinners there to view more local content in the Search and Category fields. French pinners will also be able to see links to more local domains and pins with description in the local language. They will also be able to discover more relevant pins, and do it faster than before.

Pinterest has also begun "Pin It Forward France" (Epingler c'est partager), with Sara of Petit Poulou and Dorian Nieto. Both Sara and Dorian are French bloggers and are among the first 300 French bloggers who will be sharing their Pinterest stories and pins over the next month. TechCrunch reports that the French version of the site is being launched on the web, and iOS and Android apps.


Pinning in a new language


Pinterest has also been updated recently with the ability to allow users to add more ways to send pins to their Facebook friends, fellow pinners (if both follow each other), or email contacts on the web or their phone. Earlier, it was possible to send pins only via email.

While sending pins, users can also add a message to their pin for a more personal touch. To send a pin, all the user has to do is tap "Send" on the web or on their phone. For easy access, Pinterest will even display the most recent people that a user has sent pins to. Once a user sends a pin, the recipient of the pin will see it in their notifications or in their email. If they repin, like or comment on the pin, the user will get notifications too.

Published Date: Jun 11, 2013 06:46 pm | Updated Date: Jun 11, 2013 06:46 pm