Pictorial: Notion Ink Adam Gets Unboxed

Ah. Notion Ink’s Adam has gone through a long journey of pre-orders, shipping and a lot more. The tablet has finally arrived and the first to put up the Adam Unboxing images is none other than the CEO, Rohan Shravan himself.

1. Your Notion Ink Adam could be one amongst these. Take your pick.

2. This is your main box, li’l Adam is sleeping tight inside.

3. Adam waking up to “It’s a New Day” by Will.I.Am. It certainly is a new day for you.

4. This is the stand that comes along with the tablet. Adam taking its baby steps?

5. Adam opens its eyes for the first time and stares at you innocently. Awww…

6. Getting to work, there are a few panels that Rohan has launched and what you see is your home screen.

7. The swivel camera looks good, especially for the fact that you can rotate it at an angle of 185 degrees. Makes it a lot convenient to capture things around you.

8. Reading the manual first will help you prevent embarrassing situations later onwards.

9. Wait a minute, the blog says, “An update is already waiting for you!” Now that’s something we want to know about.

10. Adam can be connected to various devices like a keyboard, mouse and you can also read data from a pen drive.

11. Well, that statement is what we were actually waiting for.

Published Date: Jan 21, 2011 03:24 pm | Updated Date: Jan 21, 2011 03:24 pm