Philips Announces New Range of Televisions

Philips announced its new range of LEDs, LCDs and Ultra Slim TVs. Philips unveiled 15 models of LEDs with sizes ranging from 24” – 55”, 8 models of LCDs with sizes ranging from 24” – 46” and 5 models of Ultraslim TVs in 14” and 21” .The price range of the LED TVs start from Rs 26,500, LCD TVs start from Rs 16,499 and the range for Ultraslim TVs start from Rs 5,290. Philips will promote its flat panel TV range under the flagship model Cinema 21:9 TV, world’s first Cinema proportion 3D LED Pro TV with Ambilight, which will soon be available in India.

Features of the new range:

  • Full HD – Full HD screen which helps deliver higher quality and brilliant flicker free pictures with superb brightness, vivid detail and picture.
  • Natural Light 2 Engine – The Natural Light 2 Engine reduces the power consumption by adjusting the brightness of the edge-light. It also improves picture quality and improves the depth of the dark color to provide smooth and vibrant pictures, creating an immersive experience for hours of stain–free viewing.
  • Digital Noise Reduction – The Digital Noise Reduction uses effective filtering algorithms to remove noise, enhancing picture quality.
  • HDMI- HDMI technology allows connections from source to the screen while delivering the ultimate picture quality. Plug in up to 5 devices at a time from multiple HDMI sources such as HD set-top box, a home theatre system, game consoles, camcorders, laptops, digital cameras and other gadgets.
  • Digital Dynamic Audio System – The Digital Dynamic Audio System uses sophisticated audio virtualization technology that produces rich and immersive sound from a two speaker system. This helps experience the best sound quality; warm deep bass combined with clear and bright treble, sleekly integrated in an iconic design.
  • USB – With USB2.0 one can enjoy their favorite videos, music and photographs by simply connecting the USB drive to the television.
  • Eco Friendly – Philips TVs use an advanced LED technology for maximum energy efficiency. The LEDs used for illuminating the panel last longer and provide much sharper and richer quality while consuming 40% less energy.

The LCD televisions have the exclusive DDHD3E ( Digital Dynamic Hi-Definition Engine 3rd Gen) technology which enhances colors and contrast by adopting a new generation chip to add crispness, clarity and detail to images.

Published Date: Oct 13, 2010 03:35 pm | Updated Date: Oct 13, 2010 03:35 pm