Philips announces new line-up of home theatre systems

Driven by innovation and an obsession with capturing sound in its purest form, Philips has expanded its Lifestyle Entertainment portfolio with the launch of a range of entertainment solutions – Home Theatre Systems, GoGear MP3/MP4 players, Docking Speakers and Headphones.

Unveiling the new range of products, ADA Ratnam, President, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India, said, “Innovation backed by deep consumer insights lies at the heart of all Philips products. The new range of products is a reflection of our commitment to delivering authentic and vivid sound experience combined with cutting edge technology and contemporary design to address the ever-evolving entertainment needs of the Indian consumer.

Created specially for India with the Indian consumers’ unique entertainment needs in mind, the new range offers innovations like a customised user interface in the home theatre systems reflecting the local cultural preferences – Cinema setting for movies, Sangeet for music and Cricket for sports. Focusing heavily on sound innovation and high-end technological expertise, Philips brings new propositions like 3D angled speakers to disperse sound evenly around the room for a truly immersive experience and technological advancements like Fullsound - to bring your MP3 music to life; SafeSound – for maximum music enjoyment without hearing damage; Philips Songbird - to discover, play and sync your music, among others for a richer on-the-go entertainment experience. Catering to the changing entertainment desires of today’s consumer, Philips also brings to you the toughest set of O’Neil headphones designed to provide users with pure listening pleasure. The SoundSphere technology of the amazing Docking Speakers, equipped with AirPlay, allows users to indulge in the experience of natural, deeper and wider sound impression with direct access to music from their iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

All the products in the new range will be available at all leading retail stores across the country starting August, 2012.

The new Philips home theatre systems are designed to disperse powerful sound evenly around the room to bring cinema right into your home. With a customised user interface and better bass and thump to match, this new range promises a truly blockbuster home entertainment experience.

Some of the features of the home theatre systems are:

  • Customised on-screen display: Adjusted User Interface naming to fit cultural differences 
  • Customised sound settings: More Bass for a better movie and sports experience
  • Customised subwoofers: 23 percent bigger subwoofer for better thump

The HTS2511 and HTS2512 compact speakers with Dolby Digital surround sound are designed to pump up your home entertainment experience. Their 300W RMS power delivers great sound for your movies and music which can be played from almost any source, be it a DVD, VCD, CD or a USB device.

The Philips HTS2511 and HTS2512

The Philips HTS2511 and HTS2512


The HTS2511 and HTS2512 are priced at INR 9890.
The HTS3533, HTS3532SL and HTS3532BL compact speakers are designed to upgrade your home entertainment experience with exposed speakers offering powerful surround sound and DVD video upscaling to 1080p via HDMI for near-HD images. It also comes with an EasyLink feature to control all HDMI CEC devices via a single remote.

The Philips HTS3533, HTS3532SL and HTS3532BL

The Philips HTS3533, HTS3532SL and HTS3532BL


The HTS3533, HTS3532 (SL and BL) are priced at Rs. 12,890 and Rs. 10,890 respectively.

The HTS6543 and HTS6553 compact speakers allow you to bring the power of cinema to your home and drive your home entertainment experience even further. Their 3D angled speakers disperse sound evenly around the room for an enhanced sound experience. These can be played using any source - DVD, VCD, CD and USB devices and HDMI for high definition movies – and include an EasyLink  feature to control all HDMI CEC devices via a single remote.

The Philips HTS6543 and HTS6553

The Philips HTS6543 and HTS6553


The HTS6543 and HTS6553 are priced at Rs. 20,990 and Rs. 23,990 respectively.

Published Date: Aug 30, 2012 05:30 pm | Updated Date: Aug 30, 2012 05:30 pm