Pearson Education showcases MX Touch-ActiveTouch tablet

Pearson Education recently showcased a new tablet-based education solution for schools in India. As per an official statement, the MX Touch-ActiveTouch platform gives a greater number of school children access to more helpful personalised and collaborative digital learning with rich digital content, 3D animations, quizzes and videos. This was showcased following a talk on “Technology as a Cultural Catalyst” at the Park Hotel, New Delhi. The talk was conducted by Mr. G Balasubramanian and Dr. Shalini Baxi in the presence of eminent educators.


MX Touch is aligned to the school syllabus and comes bundled with tablets at a variety of prices, thereby making it affordable and accessible to the broadest possible cross section of students. The company goes on to add that while supporting the core syllabus, the service will also help promote ICT in school education in India by familiarising students with the latest learning technology. The product also allows parents to monitor the academic progress of their children more precisely than ever before. This is done via easy access to assignments and difficult lessons covered during school hours and archived assessments and tests.


MX Touch will be available in three versions: MX Touch – ActiveTouch, MX Touch – DigitALly and MX Touch – Ultimate.

At the launch

At the launch



MX Touch – ActiveTouch has pedagogically sound, graded digitised textbooks already loaded on the tablet. ActiveTouch is available in four subjects – English, Science, Mathematics and Hindi – for classes 3 to 8. Engaging animations, captivating videos from BBC Motion Gallery and a host of interactive activities and worksheets will help the teacher add to their lessons. ActiveTouch instantly cuts the environmental impact of printing multiple textbooks and the number of books a student would have to carry with them during their school day.


Naveen Rajlani, Senior Vice President and Head – School Division, Pearson Education India, said, “Our aim is to empower users by providing them with a cost-effective, eco-friendly product that understands their needs and has the curriculum framework at its heart." He added “MX Touch-ActiveTouch is a flexible combination of graded content and exciting new digital resources. Its assessment module personalises learning and analyses progress. It will help lighten the schoolbag as the textbooks are now digital. With MX Touch-ActiveTouch, we would be bringing the best of our global capabilities, as well as our own ability in content development to India, thus living up to the Pearson principle of efficacy."


MX Touch-ActiveTouch variants are available in 7-inch and 10-inch tablets from the company’s preferred tablet manufacturers. As per the official statement, these tablets have been affordably priced keeping the interest of the learners at the forefront – the 7-inch tablet will be priced under Rs. 7,000, while the 10-inch bundled pack will cost Rs. 12,000 (approx).


Speaking at the interactive session, Mr. G Balasubramanian, Former Director, Academics, CBSE said, “We are passing through a techno-cultural revolution. The impact of technology on individuals and societies, both at the intrinsic level and at the ephemeral level, has resulted in the modification and re-engineering of the thought processes, life patterns and the realms of cohabitation. Technology need not be seen as a potential threat to the cultural dynamics, but as a harmonizer of the Matter and the Mind."

Published Date: Dec 03, 2012 16:56 PM | Updated Date: Dec 03, 2012 16:56 PM