Pawan Kumar Bansal goes to the cops as his Facebook page gets 10,000 likes in a day

Now, if this had happened to any pages we personally owned on Facebook, we would be over the moon. Former Union Railway Minister, Pawan Kumar Bansal, approached the police when he saw the likes on his Facebook page had increased manifold.

Bansal, suspecting foul play, went on to contact the IG of Police in Chandigarh, seeking an inquiry. The MP from Chandigarh reportedly found a sudden spurt in likes on his Facebook page. He said he would usually see 10 to 20 new likes on a daily basis, or a maximum of a 100 genuine likes. But somehow being suddenly popular on Facebook has him intrigued.

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Those likes look fake


Bansal saw a staggering 10,900 likes in one day, bringing the total number of likes from 51,600 on December 24 to 62,500 on Christmas Day. "This increase happened in just one day and it shows that somebody is doing so without my knowledge and for some ulterior purpose," reads the former minister's complaint. Bansal told  the Times of India, “I'm sure that someone with malicious intentions cooked up these 'likes'."

The complaint has reportedly been forwarded to the cyber cell by the police and the probe will be conducted by DSP Rakesh Kalia. It makes sense that Bansal is being extra cautious, considering the page had been hacked in the past and the officials had been unable to track the perpetrators down.

This isn’t the first instance of suspicious likes cropping up in Indian politicians’ Facebook pages recently. A few days ago, the number of likes on Chandigarh BJP President, Sanjay Tandon’s Facebook page jumped up by 9,000. Coincidentally, both politicians come from Chandigarh. Tandon had reported that most of these likes came from Istanbul. It isn’t clear whether Bansal has informed the police about the location of the likes yet, or if he has looked into it.


(With inputs from agencies)

Published Date: Dec 27, 2013 01:28 pm | Updated Date: Dec 27, 2013 01:28 pm