Patent trial document shows Apple's fear of Android dominance

An  evidence put forth by Samsung during its ongoing patent trial with the Cupertino giants suggests that the growing number of Android users seems to be a reason of worry for Apple.


The evidence produced by Samsung in question is one of Apple’s internal documents that raises concern about the falling market share of Apple products and the rise of Android devices at the same time in the market.


It also shows Apple’s concern about growing number of Android smartphones along with improved hardware. Company sales force believes that buyers prefer to buy either a cheap or a big screen smartphone which is affecting the sales of their premiere smartphone.


So, it won’t be surprising if the next iPhone comes with a screen bigger than any of the previous models. In fact, rumours and leaked images of the Apple iPhone 6 already indicate a bigger display. The document reportedly also shows Apple's acknowledgement of the fact that its rivals will eventually catch up with them in hardware domain.


It is not just the smartphone that Apple is concerned about. It has also been worried about colossal amount of money being spent by Android smartphone makers to attract potential buyers. The Samsung’s 2013 Super Bowl AD particularly giving Apple’s senior VP Phil Schiller some serious food for thought.


As reported by recode, Schiller’s e-mail in 2013 indicated how much worried he was about Apple’s inability to compete in the advertising domain with its rivals. The email reportedly states, “I watched the Samsung pre-superbowl ad that launched today. It’s pretty good and I can’t help but thinking ‘these guys are feeling it (like an athlete that can’t miss because they are in a zone), while we struggle to nail a compelling brief on iPhone.”


This dissatisfaction could have even led to breaking up of Apple’s partnership with Media Art Labs which has been handling Apple Ads since 1997. In fact, the executives from the digital agency too seem to be frustrated with meetings with Schiller as reported by Bloomberg.

Published Date: Apr 05, 2014 03:57 pm | Updated Date: Apr 05, 2014 03:57 pm