Panasonic Previews 3D Lenses for DSLR and 3D Camcorder

Panasonic previewed its 3D lenses for the Lumix DSLR. The lens is actually made up of two small lenses placed adjacent to each other which individually transmit light to the camera's image sensor. Each lens will send a beam with slightly different views to create a 3D perspective on the image sensor, just like the human eyes.

These lenses are compatible with the Lumix cameras which use the "G Micro System Mount" and will be available by the end of 2010.

At the same event, Panasonic also unveiled a 3D camcorder, the HDC-SDT750. It functions and looks almost exactly the same as a regular 2D camcorder with 1080p HD resolution but the lens can be interchanged with 3D lenses (like the ones described earlier). It has 96 GB of storage and can also record on an SD card. Content can be watched on a 3D TV.

Published Date: Jul 28, 2010 04:10 pm | Updated Date: Jul 28, 2010 04:10 pm