Painkiller comes to Android

Painkiller may be an eight year old game but I still find myself returning to developer People Can Fly's frantic, Serious Sam inspired shooter from time to time, especially after a hard day’s work. Blowing up thousands of Lucifer’s minions is the perfect de-stressing tool and if you don’t have a PC to let loose, you can now do so on your Android phone/tablet as Painkiller is making its way to the Android marketplace according to Android Community.

Bringing the pain since 2004

Bringing the pain since 2004


The handheld version dubbed Painkiller: Purgatory HD doesn’t seem to be just a remake of the original adding in some new content along the way. However it seems Painkiller: Purgatory will retain the over-the-top action, a few of the original weapons as well as the rock/metal inspired OST along the way.

This is good news for Android users no doubt but Painkiller has always been a game of twitch reflexes best played on a mouse and keyboard. How this translates to handheld devices remains to be seen.

Published Date: Apr 02, 2012 11:29 am | Updated Date: Apr 02, 2012 11:29 am