Paddy's Pod - Genetically Un-technological

I love my family. If anyone ever does anything to down, annoy or peeve my fam, I will personally give them a solid purple nipple.

Tech reception seems to be a genetic thing, and without getting into the dominant and recessive dribble, I can validate that with my lovely parivar. It took about 3 lessons to show a few members where the power button was; the third attempt was an angry call on my cell phone while I was driving because I didn't properly explain the first two times. That's the tamest of the lot.

The reason the family wanted to 'learn computers' was solely for email. You know, not the keep in touch with family emails but the see the Youtube video of the minute and the 'God will bless you if you forward' emails. Which meant not only did I have to show them how to 'do email', I also had to remember each member's username and password. The easier road would have been to give all of them the same password like 'chintoo21cool' but I took the high road instead.

And then the worst happened. Webcams were brought in. Also, we made the switch from Windows to Apple. Keep in mind this is back in 2005, and I had just returned from my first year of college abroad. I was heavily jet lagged. First, I had to call MTNL, wrestle with them to give me better internet which would allow video chatting, wrangle them because they casually forgot to mention that only one of their internet plans was compatible with Macs and then hook everyone up with AOL Instant Messenger accounts to iChat with all the fam that's in the States. And this, because 'arey, you learned computers in America na? You're good at computers bete'.

Not too long after, Skype was discovered. When I was in the States, every moment that I was online (regardless of whether I was doing homework) (after all, I went to the States to study only), meant a call had to be made. Now mind you, this was exciting because the call was 'free'. Internet bandwidth? Arey, if the bill's high, it's high, as long as the phone bill is low. This also meant when people were popping out babies, they would bring their offspring over to my house exactly at the perfect time for US-India conversation to show them off to me. And every other person that lives in the States.

And now Facebook. When I first was on Facebook, the aunties were all like "What is this you're wasting your time with? You young people, so ungrateful for nature!" Now they're all on Facebook, even though they may not understand what it is. If they write on my wall, I HAVE to reply. Otherwise I have stinkers coming in every channel of communication possible. Heck, they'll buy an international

Published Date: Jun 04, 2010 01:53 pm | Updated Date: Jun 04, 2010 01:53 pm