Paddy's Pod - 5 iPhone Apps Every Girl Wishes Existed

These days there is an iPhone app for nearly everything but here are a few apps seriously needed for better quality of life. Unfortunately, some are too far from existence for my liking. These are mostly from a girl's point of view but guys would highly benefit from them too.

1. The Track-Your-Friends-As-They-Keep-You-Waiting App: As Indians, we like to massage the truth a bit. For instance, if we're 10 minutes away from being somewhere, we'll tell the person we're meeting, we're 3 minutes away. Now I for one feel personally violated when my time is wasted so if someone made an app where you can track your friends on a map and know where they've reached, so you're not wasting your time, I'd reward them generously. Of course there are invasion of privacy issues here so this would have to be a Facebook type, approve your friends thing, like a 'Map Mates'. Or something else less cheesy.

2. The Zap-The-Letch-In-The-Eyeballs App: Everyone knows, as you're walking down the street, there is an ample number of men with acute scopophilia (if you don't know what it means, look here). Of course, to distract myself from the anger felt towards these roadside romeos, I fiddle with my phone as I walk. This experience would be significantly better if I had an app which after putting an o'clock-position for the happy voyeur, gives him a solid zap in the eyes. Would be nice. And funny. Just saying.

3. The Find-Your-Keys-In-Your-Purse App: Girls carry big purses. This is a given even from the cave days. What else were women going to do with the left over skin from carcasses? Keys however, the most important element to daily existent are ironically small and insignificant in comparison. There needs to be an app which, as one scans their phone (presumably in hand or placed in back pocket, or at least, easier to find in purse) around the bag, there is a beeping sound that gets more persistent as the phone nears the keys. Kind of like a metal detector but tremendously helpful.

4. The What's-That-Movie App: Applications like this one exist for music like Shazam and Midomi. However, how many times has a movie been playing in a coffee shop and it looks interesting but you don't know or you've forgotten what it is. Now this app would have to work without sound coming from the movie so it would have to be on an actor and location recognition system. Would be a must for every movie-buff, someone just has to make it first...

5. The Put-Foot-In-Mouth App: Everyone says stupid stuff. Everyone. Now what would really help here is a Freeze Time app but since time manipulation hasn't been invented yet (come on Cupertino!), the next best option is a put foot in mouth app before you say something stupid. Now this would require some mind reading on your phone's part, also difficult to invent, but I think the human race would be a happier race from this one handy phone feature.

Published Date: Jun 25, 2010 04:13 pm | Updated Date: Jun 25, 2010 04:13 pm