Overload Forces PSN Offline...Briefly

The PSN came back online just recently after being out for nearly a month. Sony announced a planned outage of their PlayStation and Qriocity services however after the system being online for a short time. Many users have voiced their disappointment via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. This helped the cause and Sony responded back regarding the outage.

PSN will be down for awhile... don't loose hope

Sony announced planned outage after PSN goes back online



Sony's Patrick Seybold replied to numerous tweets and wall posts through their PlayStation blog saying that they were experiencing a heavy load of password resets and would be turning off the services for 30 minutes to clear the queue. They went on to add that a large number of people were attempting to reset their passwords at the same time and that was taking longer than expected for all those emails to clear all of the ISPs. They once again requested patience for the services to resume and that those users who have reset their passwords to give it a bit of time to reach their email.

Sony’s Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai said that while they understand the importance of getting their services back online, they did not rush to do so at the expense of extensively and aggressively testing their enhanced security measures. He went on to add that the company would start bringing back its gaming network on Sunday,  on a country-by-country phased basis, and expects it to be fully restored by May 31.

Many users are now posting updates on social networking sites saying that they are now able to use the services offered by Sony. This comes as good news to PSN users who have had to endure a world of patience regarding the entire outage.

For all the information on Sony’s PlayStation outage, hit the link here.

Published Date: May 16, 2011 09:56 am | Updated Date: May 16, 2011 09:56 am