Ouya gets 10,000 developers for the $99 console

Ouya is getting a lot of developers for its $99 console. Head of Developer Relations Kellee Satiago told GamesIndustry that the company has now signed on 10,000 developers. She stated that partnership with larger companies will be announced in the coming months.

"It's really awesome, especially at this early stage of the console still being in the preview period. The last month I've been so excited to just interact with the Ouya developers who are really people who signed on to the mission statement of Ouya early on and are the people who are just as excited as we are about the platform. It's been great to hear and that the number continues to grow at such a rapid pace is very validating," she remarked.

The limited edition of the Ouya console

10,000 developers for the Ouya


Ouya has faced quite a bit of criticism since it shipped its developer units out. Reviews for the console have not been very good. Santiago responds to the criticism by saying that the benchmark tests were done on an "older development system", and that the company's aim of providing high-quality gameplay experiences still exists.

"I think it's fundamentally about experiences the developers make," she said. "What are the quality of the experiences themselves? Our goal at Ouya is to empower developers to provide entertaining experiences for the living room."

Back in March, Ouya had started accepting game and app submissions for its online store. The submission process works more or less like that of any other app store. To get your game approved, it will have to go through a light approval process. The approval process seems to be a solid mean between that of Google Play and Apple’s iTunes store. Once the game is up on the store, you’re free to update it whenever you want without any cost.

While the approval process is light, some things are off limits in games. This includes hate speech, encouragement of real-world violence, overdoing nudity and obscene references, misrepresentation of the game, IP infringement and malware. You can grab the Ouya SDK from the official website. It includes the kit to help you develop your game, as well as the API for in-app purchases.

Published Date: Apr 20, 2013 16:03 PM | Updated Date: Apr 20, 2013 16:03 PM