Oracle Makes the Final Attack on Sun, Closes Sun Cloud

Oracle’s recent takeover plans have stirred a few issues. The takeover deal that came across in 2009 has remained a controversial one.

The 'Sun'set

The 'Sun'set




According to the deal, Oracle will broaden the horizons for Java, taking it to more applications and involving an audience for its public amending. While doing a world of good to Java, it has dropped the axe on Sun Microsystems. The latest issue to have risen is Oracle’s top executives pulling the shutter down on Sun’s Cloud Computing service. The cloud service provided its users a computing resource that came at a substantial cost of 1 USD per – CPU hour. Oracle’s aggressive chopping off act has earned it a lot of flak from Sun cloud loyalists. The cloud service offered by Sun Microsystems had garnered immense popularity and had proved to be an effective rival to Amazon’s cloud services.


This instance, however, isn’t the one of its kinds. Last year, Oracle had also commercialized Sun’s free for all Open Solaris which is now called Solaris Express.

Published Date: Mar 17, 2011 02:19 pm | Updated Date: Mar 17, 2011 02:19 pm