Opera Releases Opera Browser 11.10 with New Features

After Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4, Opera has stepped up the browser segment by releasing their latest iteration, the Opera Browser 11.10. The new browser is codenamed “Barracuda” and has a few improvements added to its features.

In the latest iteration, the size of the webpage has been reduced. While that usually means reducing image quality, Opera claims that the image quality offered by this version is better than all of its previous browsers. There are also claims of web pages opening 54 percent smaller and 40 percent faster with the use of the Opera Turbo feature. Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products, Opera Software feels that the Opera Turbo feature is crucial to users who travel or suffer due to slow internet connectivity speeds.

Improved and faster than the previous one!

Improved and faster than the previous one!


Speed Dial is the other feature that has been improved and made more versatile. The new browser gives you an unlimited number of dials to customize with the new Speed Dial flow feature. New layout choices, and an improved zoom slider in the configuration menu lets you arrange your Speed Dial to fit any monitor.

Another added feature are the plug-ins that can be downloaded automatically if the user is browsing a page that requires Flash. Plus, the browser also has support for CSS3's multi-column layouts and linear gradients, the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Google's WebP image protocol.

So if you want to try out the latest Opera Browser 11.10 you can head on to their website for a free download.

Published Date: Apr 12, 2011 06:16 pm | Updated Date: Apr 12, 2011 06:16 pm